Enough is Enough

Posted: January 24, 2013 in Dumb Customers, Stories
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I work at an old country restaurant where we get ALOT of elderly people. Many are regulars, and some we wish would stop coming. A very elderly couple comes in every few weeks. The wife falls asleep in her food and the husband is demanding, rude, and annoying. One night, because the wife was so out of it, I had to help her out to her car. I have a very soft spot for old people, but this couple is borderline obnoxious. Dude can barely walk out to his lifted, 2011 model, Ford F150… Is he seriously driving this thing? I had to pretty much push the lady up to get into the car. Another week he hit a sweet old mans car knocking off his bumper and just drove away. The worst time ever was when this same man tore up the bathroom and did nothing to try and clean it up. That’s when I was done. This couple needs to learn to stay home to eat or have someone else drive them around and take care of their messes because as a waitress, it is not my job to deal with this drama.


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