You Don’t Want to be Fat Do You?

Posted: October 9, 2013 in bad parents, Stories
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The store I work at, which will naturally remain unnamed, is run by people who insist we offer small children lollipops (as well as small, cheap toys that often double as choking hazards).  Since we’re reminded to make such offers, I did so today only to be met with a response of “Oh, no.  My daughters don’t need those.”  The three little girls protested, and were met with a scolding along the lines of “You don’t need suckers, because they’re nothing but sugar and sugar makes you fat.  You don’t want to be fat, do you?  Then nobody will like you.”  Certainly left me speechless, if nothing else.


  1. If she had said, “You want to be healthy, don’t you?” Then that would have been perfect.

  2. sorry, the end of the comment wasn’t very Christian of me.

  3. she’s obviously up for mother of the year! bitch.

  4. mcwatty9 says:

    Wow. Sounds about right. Ridiculous people.

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