Two women come in for a power lunch at Buzzard Billy’s, not the place I would have chosen for a business lunch, but whatever.

I greet them and they’re both very nice. Over the course of 2 hours, they order appetizers, entrees, drinks, desserts, and a more drinks. Their bill came up to about $250 for the two of them.

At the end of the meal they asked me to split their enormous check, which I did graciously since it was a large bill and was expecting a good tip. I hand them them bills and walk back to the kitchen expecting them to whip out corporate cards and pay. I come back to the table to discover them 1) gone, 2) they’d both paid by check (which we didn’t accept) 3) they had both rounded up to the next dollar for the tip.

My boss demanded I cover their bill.

I took my apron off and left.

– Michael

  1. says:

    Wait, they paid by check. You know who they are… and where they live :)

  2. Sunrie says:

    What dipshit makes their employees pay for their terrible customers?

  3. I posted this blog on Craigslist. Hopefully more people will learn that their servers either pay or lose their jobs when they do idiotic things like pay with checks or leave miniscule tips. I encourage you to do the same.

  4. eadavisblog says:

    That is horrible, I don’t understand how some people can do such a thing.

  5. smugasaurus says:

    Who the hell pays with checks?! I wonder if they are aware that the restaurant doesn’t accept checks, so they pay by check on purpose…

  6. maggie0019 says:

    Agreed, boss (was) a douchebag trying to make you cover it.

  7. labontetrax says:

    Glad you left! And — a good lesson for us all: be on the lookout for business-dressed ladies (effective con artist disguise). Can’t tell a book by its cover, that’s for sure.

  8. pamoderate says:

    That’s ridiculous, & unless you’re leaving out some important details, your former boss is a major bag (of the douche variety). Besides, if he had used his brain, he’d have called the police on the dine & dashers. Those checks have a name & address on them…

  9. Your former boss is an asshole! Good for you! 1Love!

  10. Freedom, by the way says:

    In this day and age anybody who carries a checkbook (and most people don’t bother) should no to ask if checks are accepted. Sorry that happened to you.Don’t blame you for quitting. Your boss had no right to demand that you pay.

  11. slaiirzone says:

    I would have left too!

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