Did You Just Throw a Spoon at Me?

Posted: May 5, 2014 in Dumb Customers, Stories
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A lady once threw a tea-spoon at me because she wanted me to refill her iced tea.

However, she didn’t notice I had already filled her glass when I walked past her table. She must have been too busy horking down a veal parmesan the size of a hubcap in front of her.

When I walked up and asked her why she felt the need to throw a hard, metal object at me to get my attention, she said: “I need you to fill my…” (looks down) “…oh. You must ha– … huh… nevermind.”

As I was walking to get my manager, I heard her hiss at her husband, “No, I’m not going to apologize to A WAITER!”


  1. Crystal says:

    wow., now i surely would not make enough money to put up with that, you can verbally assault me all u want but once you get physical you are calling for an ass whooping!!!!

  2. She did what? O_ô
    The stories I hear about how people behave are getting stranger and stranger… as labontetrax said unf*ckingbelievable…

  3. I quit my first job at McDonald’s because a woman threw her half eaten fish sandwich in my face. Her reason? The fish was bad, and how dare I server her rotten fish? Umm, lady you ordered fish from McDonald’s, of course it’s disgusting! My manager said that the customer is always right and to offer her a new sandwich and a free dessert. I told him the only sandwich that she was going to get from me was a fist sandwich in her face. Then I said some sort of four-letter word and quit. I was 16 and full of fire back then.

  4. Jordan Richardson says:

    Insane behaviour and yet somehow i”m not surprised.

  5. axiomatika says:


    that kind of unprovoked behavior is inexcusable

  6. Wow. People need to learn to how treat people that are handling their food. She’s not wise.

  7. labontetrax says:


  8. mikesteeden says:

    I like the thought that she ‘hissed’ at the husband. Great stuff.

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