I Actually Got an Apology Letter

Posted: May 5, 2014 in Creeps, Stories
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When working as a fast food manager, we changed our store hours from being open 24 hours to closing at midnight. The business just wasn’t there to stay open all night. I had a customer try to come through the drive through, my employee told him that we were closed, sorry. The guy proceeded to yell and scream at my employee and even threatened him.

He then pulled into a parking lot next door and got out of his truck and started throwing beer cans at my store. I then called the police, but could only get a partial plate number. Well, as it turned out he called our 800 number that was listed on the window to complain, I then had his phone number, address and name.

The cops tracked him down and I actually got an apology letter that was addressed from the county court office. They made him write an apology letter! Gotcha Sucka!


  1. drunkard :D good thing he wrote an apology letter though haha :))

  2. Gratitude Connections says:


  3. Gratitude Connections says:

    Reblogged this on The Gratitude Connection and commented:
    Do you have an apology letter to write? How about a thank you letter?

  4. Tienny says:

    How come there is no thank you letter?

  5. The rare, and long time forgotten apology letter. This has reminded me that I probably have one to write myself. Not for throwing beer cans at a restaurant, but an apology is always appreciated. Thanks for sharing!

  6. geanieroake says:

    What was his problem anyway? Get a grip.

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