What is it about hot water and it constantly being accompanied by such an intense sense of urgency?! If you see a server pass you by while you are frantically screaming “EXCUSE ME, HOT WATER?”, and they don’t stop, its because they’re busy taking everyone else’s orders that make sense…don’t worry, they’ll get to you when they can.


  1. floridaborne says:

    From the point of view of someone who can’t afford to go out to eat very often: I bring my own tea bags for a reason. Rarely is there a restaurant that has decaf tea/herbal. If they do, it’s something like Red Zinger (which I can’t drink). That’s why I ask for hot water. I’ll often ask for a large styrofoam cup (if it’s available) or a carafe so that I don’t keep bothering the server. If I’m going to tip 20% and spend as much on 1 meal as I spend on food for a week, it would be nice not to be ignored.

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