Ugh I hate this conversation……

Customer: “uuuhh excuse me gurl, can I axe you a question?”

Me: “Yes ma’am?”

Customer: “If I was to be orderin my Long Island iced tea wif light ice dats means I get more alcohol rightttt?”

Me: (what I am thinking) “No you don’t get any more fucking alcohol you cheap asshole, and go tell all your ghetto friends that isn’t how it works anywhere on the fucking planet, we don’t just replace water with booze!”

(What I said) “No sorry ma’am the drink will be served in a smaller glass”



  1. If you have the privilege of knowledge, understanding and better social standards; don’t look down on others. Did letting out the curses you thought of I your head help you feel better?

  2. Glenn Davey says:

    You guys know you’re all racist, right? So don’t think you’re taking the high road. Customers can be annoying, but you guys are on an even lower level than them. You deserve the worst customers. You deserve to work in hospitality forever. Racists.

  3. artsyerinc says:

    I used to wait tables in an Applebee’s in the ghetto (not one of my best life decisions). I know this exact conversation so well!

  4. I might love is awesome

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