An actual question:

“Ummmm excuse me miss! Does your artichoke dip have artichokes in it??”

***face palm***


  1. Is it just me or are the general public just becoming more and more stupid? I was asked what was in the leak and potato soup the other day.. But they seemed genuinely interested when I said Leak and Potato like they’d actually expected me to say LOL joke we’re trollin’ it’s got no leak or potato. I give up.

  2. “No, ma’am. That’s Arctic Choke. It’s a rare fish from the Arctic Circle.”

  3. Well…you never know these days.
    Might have artificial green chunks instead. ;)

  4. geanieroake says:

    I work at the library – How about,” where would I find the books?”

  5. Yum, artichoke dip sounds so good!

  6. floczok says:

    at least you got a laugh in your day….and so did I! Thanks for sharing!

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