I happened to be waitressing one evening when I large tourist family of seven sits down. Long story short, the father kept sending his food back insisting it wasn’t what he ordered. Then he demanded a free meal for his whole family. My boss came out, handled the shit out of the situation. But then the wife gets up crying, yelling that he always does this, and then flings her drink at her husband and storms off.


  1. AZVHV.wordpress.com says:

    It seems the world is just crawling with people like this.

  2. Sunrie says:

    Huh…this is either a common occurrence or this is another copypasta

  3. Joseph Nebus says:

    Just … just staggering.

  4. Nothing like a good love story in the Spring.

  5. Yeah he’s teaching his kids to be freeloaders. What a stellar man. Good for the wife to stand up to him.

    ~ Darling

  6. caslee2000 says:

    Back in my university days, I used to wait on a couple who did this all the time. I asked the hostess to PLEASE stop seating them in my section – she said they were requesting me. My manager ended up “handling” that one. Ugh!

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