That’s Because You Are Drinking Water

Posted: May 20, 2014 in Dumb Customers, Stories
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MY guests order some sort of drink from the bar. I always bring waters to my guests while I wait for their drinks. I bring the lady a water and she says “sir, this drink has no flavor”. while holding back my laughter I respond, “ma’am, that’s because it is water. it’s not supposed to have flavor”. the rest of the table busts out laughing, I kept my composure until I went to the bar. lol. you cant make this shit up.


  1. stillsearching says:

    Oh, my!

  2. Did they leave a good tip?

  3. librarylady says:

    Hah! You’ve gotta love a job that makes you laugh. Maybe she’d been drinking before she came in and ordered drinks,

  4. phoenolf says:

    one word: woah O_o

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