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Break Room Stories (BRS) bringing you waiter stories and more since 2012. More specifically our site is a waiter blog intended to give anyone in the food service industry the opportunity to share the most ridiculous story you have. Funny, gross, horrible, embarrassing  it’s all fair game. We post stories about everything from the most intense waiter rants and bartender pet peeves to a little staff on staff action and host nightmares. The more unique, hilarious, shocking, or ridiculous the better.

BRS was founded by a notorious group of individuals who have worked or currently work in the food service industry. We all come from various walks of life but the one thing we have in common (besides putting up with the bullshit of being in the service industry) was the tendency to get a little chatty in the Break Room of our respective establishments. If it happened to one of us we all heard about it. It was after years of abuse and story after story that we decided to get the rest of the serving community together to see what trouble other servers were getting themselves into.

So what happens when you combine the general public, their food, and give them the opportunity to exploit the people who serve them? You get the restaurant service industry. We mean you waitresses, waiters or servers, bartenders, bar backs, hosts, bussers, cooks, managers or anyone else that puts up with so much grief for that paycheck.

We reserve the right to post portions of your story without duplicating the entire thing. It’s not because the entire thing isn’t funny, but the funniest stories are those we can all relate to.

Our goal was and is to create a site that was revealing in nature while concealing the identity of everyone involved. This is why we will only post your first name to accompany your Break Room Story. We don’t want anyone to get fired because they are venting on our site.

We don’t want stories that are offensive to the point of being viciously personal, racist, exceedingly profane, violent or excessively graphic in nature. It’s a very hard thing to judge, but we’ll do our best.

But that’s not all! We also bring you a variety of media that you can check up on to make your shift (or entire life) better. Random picture galleries, random videos, funny videos and other little nuggets to help you smile : )

For more, check out our Terms of Service for full details of our legal policy. In short, please recognize that BRS, our advertisers and anyone who promotes with us is doing so purely for entertainment purposes. In other words, we’re not your parents, your employer, or your probation officer.

Welcome to Break Room Stories, enjoy!

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