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I happened to be waitressing one evening when I large tourist family of seven sits down. Long story short, the father kept sending his food back insisting it wasn’t what he ordered. Then he demanded a free meal for his whole family. My boss came out, handled the shit out of the situation. But then the wife gets up crying, yelling that he always does this, and then flings her drink at her husband and storms off.


You came into the restaurant today, mother and daughter, and you sat in my booth. You ordered steaks, one medium-well and the other well done. You both wanted broccoli and mashed potatoes, and I was happy to oblige.
I got a little busy, so my manager ran the steaks to your table. I ran by a minute later as you were eating and made sure that everything was okay. You said it was. Great, everyone’s happy.
I run the bill, you say everything was fine.
I come back to collect the bill and you stop me before I open it, though I see the corner of a dollar bill, so I know you’re paying in cash. “Do you want any change?” I asked, and you smiled and shook your head.
“No thank you,” you said. “But you should know, you switched our steaks.” You pointed at the single, bite-sized piece of steak left and scowled. It had the slightest hint of pink. “That is raw. I know there’s nothing to be done about it now, just thought you should know.”
“Oh, I’m sorry.” What else could I say? You had cut into your steaks when I checked on you earlier. You were eating them. You were too stupid to switch your plates. “Can I do anything for you?”
“No thank you. Have a nice day!”
“You, too.”
So I walked away and went back to process your payment as you walked out the door.
You left me fifteen cents on $25 because you were too stupid to switch your plates.
You left me fifteen cents. I paid to wait on your stupid asses.

I thought that I had hit the low for customers, but this industry never ceases to shock and amaze.


Two women come in for a power lunch at Buzzard Billy’s, not the place I would have chosen for a business lunch, but whatever.

I greet them and they’re both very nice. Over the course of 2 hours, they order appetizers, entrees, drinks, desserts, and a more drinks. Their bill came up to about $250 for the two of them.

At the end of the meal they asked me to split their enormous check, which I did graciously since it was a large bill and was expecting a good tip. I hand them them bills and walk back to the kitchen expecting them to whip out corporate cards and pay. I come back to the table to discover them 1) gone, 2) they’d both paid by check (which we didn’t accept) 3) they had both rounded up to the next dollar for the tip.

My boss demanded I cover their bill.

I took my apron off and left.

– Michael

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Yes if you have coupons for free everything you still tip the waiter. A genuine question I was asked today by a grown man.


William Fucking Shatner sat in my section on a busy Saturday lunch shift I was so excited! I went above and beyond (without being creepy). Then he left a %5 tip after a huge meal. On the way out said we were shits for not keeping his fans away from him. I said “Sir, that’s not my job. But if you wanted privacy, you could have mentioned it. You’re in public.” His wife looked sorry, and my manager was livid at the way Shat treated us. Entitled cock munch.


Leaving me a mini snickers bar, mini sweet tarts, and a gobstopper on a $120 tab is not cool…


I wish that I could tell these cheap ass people that the IRS assumes us servers make a certain amount in tips per hour and when they decide to stiff us we are being taxed on money we didn’t make. Plus we usually have to give money to support other staff members through tip shares!


I had a 3 top tonight and these “gentlemen” wrote SEXY were the tip is supposed to go…Sorry guys sexy doesn’t pay the bills!


You’re not getting a tip …

Says the girl who once had to count out 40$ worth of quarters because a customer brought in a massive baggie of them : /