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When I was young, I once worked as a hostess at a newly opened Kona Grill. It was one of 6 jobs I held and I did not have time to watch TV or follow any sports. Once a really big guy came in as I was running the front desk, to pick up his carry-out order. I looked up and asked what his name was. He looked down at me with a blank stare and said nothing. I asked again… nothing. “Sir, I need a name for your order please.” Blank stare in return. By then by manager had noticed him and ran over – “Mr. Gonzalez! So great to see you! How can we help you?!” Long story short it was Tony Gonzalez, an NFL star. And he refused to give me his name because he couldn’t believe I didn’t know who he was.


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Customer: “Give me a Lindsay Lohan”

Me: “What’s that?”

Customer: “A red-headed slut with a splash of Coke”

Me: “bahahahahahahaha”


How do you get out of a long conversation with a depressed celebrity?? He’s obviously in need of a friend and I’m just here to get in, get out, and pay my bills.

Rapper The Game posted this picture to his twitter this week. Supposedly The Game was feeling generous and tipped his waiter, Eme Ikwuakor, $6,000 dollars cash money! We don’t know if this is confirmed but that is a fat stack of cash and huge smile on Eme’s face. Game….sit in my section any time.

The Game Tips Waiter 6000 dollars

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Totally had a conversation with Jenna Jameson and Tito Ortiz today at work..he asked for some Tabasco and she said she didn’t need pepper on her salad.


Matthew McConaughey impression

It has come to our attention that this video has inspired a game at a restaurant in southern California. The game is simple, do a Matthew McConaughey impression at your table. I haven’t been able to stop, enjoy….

McConaughey respects the shark because the shark respects McConaughey….