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I found this site today and I love it! For your pleasure here is by far my best bartending story of my 12 year bartending career. I worked at a swim up bar at a pool party in Las Vegas for 3 filthy years. One raging Saturday afternoon I had a drunk chick sit at my bar for a good 3 hours. I learned that she had been dieting for this trip for 2 weeks drinking nothing but juice. She was pleasant and it was busy so I started pouring her shots on the house. 4 shots down I could tell she was wasted then I saw it…a merky cloud in the water behind her. At first I thought is was a spilled drink then she yelled “shit!” and booked it out of the pool. This broad shit in the pool right in front of me…a merky 2 week juice diet shit.


Customer: “Give me a Lindsay Lohan”

Me: “What’s that?”

Customer: “A red-headed slut with a splash of Coke”

Me: “bahahahahahahaha”


So last night my section was in my restaurant’s private dining room (used for private parties generally, over flow seating on busy nights). After a hectic three or so hours of dealing with a full room and needy tables (makin paper though), things finally looked like they were calming down.

Thinking I was about to get cut, the host comes in and tells me to quickly put together a big table for an eight top walk in. I sigh, a little upset that an eight top would walk in so close to our kitchen closing, but I live to serve. So I hastily set the table and wouldn’t you know it, in walks 7 drunk ass ladies and their drunk ass bachelorette friend. So maybe this won’t be so bad.

I immediately turn on the charm, offer champagne, cocktails, wine, you name it, we got it. And so did they. Also they only ordered off of our small plate menu, so no angry kitchen! Yay.

So after several rounds of drinks, and a giant penis cake that they brought in for dessert (And yes, it was chocolate haha), they were ready to pay. I cleared the table, dropped the check, then disappeared. I figured I would just be making the 18% grat off of them (We do it for parties of 6 or more) because their total bill was up to about 320 bucks.

Not five minutes later they called me back in and they all had these goofy grins on their faces, and a check presenter full of cash. “It’s for you, but only if you dance for the bachelorette.” Now I know I could’ve refused, maybe even should have refused, and I’m pretty sure they expected me to. But being the ridiculous person that I am, I simply told them to cue the music.

And so I did a hilarious and very vanilla lap dance for a bachelorette last night. And made a LOT of cash. Like, they doubled the gratuity. I sort of felt a little dirty after it, but was able to laugh it off after a post work drink. Inappropriate? Maybe. Fun? Definitely.


I work at a restaurant on the beach. One of my tables by the window was a family of 3 (Mom Dad and 5 year old son) they called me over and asked if I could close all the blinds in the restaurant. I thought that was a strange request since it was such a nice day, until I looked down at the beach and caught a middle-aged couple having sex right on the sand!

Couple having sex on the beach

I couldn’t help it, I had to take a picture and share it with!


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I work at a restaurant in Newport Beach CA. This sign hangs in the employee bathroom. I giggle every time I have to pee.


Funny sign in bathroom

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I worked with a really sweet girl who at the time was about 6 or 7 months pregnant. She was waiting on a Dad with two young boys and she and they got into a fun conversation. When he paid the bill, it was maybe 50 or so dollars. He left her a 200 dollar cash tip with “best of luck” on the check. Se started to cry when it hit her and followed him and gave him a hug. She didn’t have any money so that made me feel pretty damn good.

– Dante

As a joke when ever a customer asks how much should I tip I always say $100! Well last night it worked! I got a $100 tip on a $56.00 tab!

– Logan

I just pre-bussed my last table before break and I was carrying the dishes to the kitchen. When I got there I was talking to another server and someone threw a fork into our silverware bucket and some kind of nugget flew into my wide open mouth….I straight up puked.



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