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I worked at at a pizza place with a little arcade area a few months ago. We had the same woman who would come in about once a week with her four, terrible children. I’m talking little hellions. They’d come in and just start terrorizing everyone, always barefoot and running around, asking people for change to play the pinball machine jumping on the counter. They’d push and shove each other and try to climb on the benches and play with the open sign, open the door to the kitchen and try to come in the back. We always pushed her order in front just to get the brats out of the store. One night she pulled a scam of “Well last time i ate her the pizza was terrible but I didn’t tell you, I want this one free.” When I told her that wasn’t possible she starts screaming about how she’s a single mother with four kids and she needs to feed them and blah blah blah.
lady your lack of birth control isn’t my problem. Control your ugly little kids.


Not bad to me so much, but heartbreaking in general. I worked at a national chain restaurant for 5 years that served a lot of burgers and fries, 350+ lbs man gets sat with his ~12 year old son, already easily 250+ lbs. Dad orders a triple bacon burger with extra cheese and extra bacon bacon 2 sides of ranch and 2 sides of sour cream. Son orders double bacon burger with extra cheese and extra bacon bacon 2 sides of ranch and 2 sides of sour cream. Dad gets half jovial/half upset and says “that’s not enough for my son! Give him more than that!” and coerced the son into ordering not only a triple burger but and extra side of fries….


I just had a child psychologist in my workplace with her 3 year old whom

A: she couldn’t “control” by means of scolding and idle threats and
B: told me she was gonna start him up on meds if he doesn’t start acting right. all of this after she told me that this was it’s first time outside in a week (it’s? this is your child)….speechless


I get it kids make messes. And truly, even to make a tiny half-assed effort to clean up OR just leave me a correct tip and a cheerful “so sorry” and I am more then happy to clean it up. But to the person that let their punk ass ugly little runt detonate his spaghetti tonight THEN left a 5% tip…..go fuck your self.


I work at a restaurant that offers beer in a 32 oz glass called a half yard. Today I had a single mother at my table with her daughter at noon….NOON. She orders a 32 oz bud light and nothing for her daughter. A little while later she flags me down and I see the glass tipped over on the table with a very small puddle of beer next to it and she claims that her daughter knocked over the beer and she wanted a new one….

She clearly drank most of the beer and tipped it over to get a new beer. Whatever our restaurant management has no backbone and of course I get her another beer. When I drop it off she asks for the check. I return with the check to find her pouring her brand new 32 oz beer into a giant Burger King Cup. I snatch the cup and tell her that it is against our policy to remove alcohol from the premises. She screams at me,”Good Because I wasn’t going to tip yo bitch ass anyway!” then she walks out… and the mother of the year award goes to….


This guy comes into my bar all the time and never tips. It was a busy night and he yells at me, “hey sweetie! What’s the cheapest thing in here!?” I immediately yelled back, “YOU!” The whole bar got a laugh and I haven’t seen him since.