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Once a customer wrote ‘shit food chef’ incredibly neatly in the sauce on his plate. I was amazed at the detail and symmetry of his lettering.


Table of 6 . two two year olds destroyed the floor. 4 Adult Fat Asses had seven refills each of sweet at the table ,and took a refill to go as well.Needed extra napkins, extra ranch, grapes only for their brats instead of the preportioned mixed fruit that we typically use.They also ordered a to go lunch .Ran my ass off for them.The dad pays the bill and says ” everything was great I wish I could have left you more- but the bill was 70$and we are feeding other peoples kids” The tip was 2 freakin dollars on a 70 check !!!!!!—- HERES AN IDEA —-TAKE YOUR MORONIC WEST VIRGINIA HILLBILLY ASSES TO THE GROCERY STORE AND BUY SEVENTY DOLLARS WORTH OF GROCERIES NEXT TIME. Instead of WASTING my time and keeping me from making a decent tip from a NON-jerk.