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I work at this upscale bar inside a hotel were we get weird locals and elite guests whom we have as regulars. So in other words we deal with douche bags all the time. I have a regular who thinks being high maintenance is funny and thinks he can make up by always tipping 30%. Dumb asshole.

He always asks for me unfortunately.

So anyway one day he asked me if I had ever ask the pizza guys to draw me a dinosaur on the box of the pizza before. I answered NO! I would never do that unless I have a hundred dollar bill to tip them with.

There was a young guy next to him whom interrupted, thank god. And later that Saturday night came back and tipped me 300$ just for putting up with that asshole!


I worked with a really sweet girl who at the time was about 6 or 7 months pregnant. She was waiting on a Dad with two young boys and she and they got into a fun conversation. When he paid the bill, it was maybe 50 or so dollars. He left her a 200 dollar cash tip with “best of luck” on the check. Se started to cry when it hit her and followed him and gave him a hug. She didn’t have any money so that made me feel pretty damn good.

– Dante

As a joke when ever a customer asks how much should I tip I always say $100! Well last night it worked! I got a $100 tip on a $56.00 tab!

– Logan