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MY guests order some sort of drink from the bar. I always bring waters to my guests while I wait for their drinks. I bring the lady a water and she says “sir, this drink has no flavor”. while holding back my laughter I respond, “ma’am, that’s because it is water. it’s not supposed to have flavor”. the rest of the table busts out laughing, I kept my composure until I went to the bar. lol. you cant make this shit up.


I greet a table and before I get a chance to finish saying hi this woman blurts out, “DO YOU HAVE ICEBERG LETTUCE!?” I say yes then this broad follows her question with “good, I want a salad with iceberg lettuce instead of green lettuce….because I am allergic to green lettuce.” WTF….ICEBERG LETTUCE IS GREEN….****Face Palm****


Once a customer wrote ‘shit food chef’ incredibly neatly in the sauce on his plate. I was amazed at the detail and symmetry of his lettering.


A party of 7 high schoolers come in and take a high-top table. I was the person to take their table. I get sodas and breadsticks for them, nothing weird.

Fast forward 5 minutes, several of our cooks start coughing uncontrollably. I walk out front and the entire front-of-house is in coughing fits. People are leaving. Still unaware of what the actual fuck is going on, I walk up to my table and my throat starts on fire and my eyes and nose start running uncontrollably.

Turns out, one of the girls was given pepper spray by her parents. One of the guys, thinking it was funny, sprayed it under the table for a lengthy period of time. It cleared the restaurant, it went through the ventilation into the back, EVERYWHERE. Police were called and took both the kid and the girl away and I was sent to the hospital as my face would not stop leaking.

We didn’t press charges but it could have been serious if we did, that is considered food tampering with a poisonous substance. (I can’t recall verbatim). Use of a weapon in public, and much more.


Customer: “Give me a Lindsay Lohan”

Me: “What’s that?”

Customer: “A red-headed slut with a splash of Coke”

Me: “bahahahahahahaha”


I work(ed) at a popular local chain of restaurants in Utah for several years, I’ll keep it unnamed just in case you still want to eat there. We serve little pieces of bread (cut from a baguette-esque loaf of bread, roughly 1.5-2 inches) with every meal.
One time a customer came up to us, mildly disgusted but ultimately cool about it, about a tooth she found in her bread. A HUMAN tooth. You know how we knew she wasn’t pulling our collective leg? The tooth itself was black and showing serious signs of decay. My boss quarantine’d the defective piece of bread to “send back to xxx Bakery” (we outsourced our bread). I don’t know if he ever did or not, he was a dumbass.
The real kicker was when I saw it happen again, less than two weeks later. Same style, just a sweaty old blackened tooth. I even heard rumors of a third occurrence by multiple employees, but I was never able to confirm this. I know that, to this day, they still buy bread from the same bakery, because I’ve seen their trucks make deliveries in the morning. It’s fucked up


I just pre-bussed my last table before break and I was carrying the dishes to the kitchen. When I got there I was talking to another server and someone threw a fork into our silverware bucket and some kind of nugget flew into my wide open mouth….I straight up puked.


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Worked at a place that served Indian food, and a guy said, “Man, if they got all this good food over there, why are their people starving?” ******FACE PALM******



Let’s face it, there are horrible people out there, and since we are in the service industry we have to take their trash. This video is shining beacon of hope, one cook sick of their shit, laying down the hammer. Enjoy and live vicariously through this video next time a scum sucker ends up in your section.

and don’t forget….tip your waitress