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I am a waitress at Hooters. One day a guys softball team came in and had already been drinking, and they all decided to get even more plastered. One guy said he would give me a $100 tip if he could drink beer out of my sneaker. I asked the manager if it was OK and he said go for it. So I took off my dainty sneaker and he chugs some bud lite out of it with the whole restaurant cheering him on. He THEN proceeds to exclaim “I’ll drink beer out of any shoe in this place!” My manager gets an evil glint in his eye and goes to the back where there’s been this one loan size 13 sneaker that’s been kicking around for months.

It’s been caked in raw chicken wing juices and flour, and is totally crusty and disgusting. He presents it to the patron and says “here ya go…”. Again, the entire restaurant starts cheering him on. My manager fills up the shoe and waits as this guy stares down the shoe for a good 3 minutes (during this time the beer is hydrating and reconstituting all that caked on goodness btw) before finally pounding it down. Everyone cheers and claps, while they’re around the table, right as this dude pukes all over the table! ewww!!!! He was so embarrassed he took off. Luckily one of the other guys at the table was really cool about it and ended up giving me $40 extra on top of the 20% tip for the table.



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