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I was working one friday night in a very packed city bar. Around midnight as people where getting good and sauced up my fellow bartenders noticed this couple getting very hot and heavy. FYI PDA’s are gross and really obnoxious sitting at the bar… Anyway these two are going at way harder than your normal drunk cpl. Her facial expression gave it away. Turns out that his hand was all the way up her skirt and… you can imagine the rest.

They were so into it that they didn’t notice that people where starting to watch. So much so that a two foot radius developed around them and half the bar was watching. At this point my buddy took a flashlight and shined upon them like a spotlight. After about 30 seconds of being “on stage” the dude realized what was going on but didn’t stop! Finally the girl came too and bolted for the door. Dude threw a $100 on the bar and they both left to a standing ovation. AWESOME