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We had a two top and initially we thought it was a date. Would have been the worst date ever though because the girl was on her phone the whole time. This is before smart phones mind you. She was just texting and talking to friends the whole time and didn’t give a second of attention to her companion.

He finishes up and excuses himself from the table for a moment and walks out into the lobby. He tells the hostess that that was his roommate with whom he’d made plans several day before to come out for a nice dinner. But since she treated him like he wasn’t there, he decided that she could pay the bill and find her own way home. Then he walked out the door and left.


I am a host. Tonight I showed a girl to her table. Twenty minutes later I had to remove the same girl as she was crying her heart out (very loudly!) having been stood up!


My name is Chris, I am the founder and owner of would like to say thank you for all of the support so far! Our little website has seen major growth over the past few months and its all because of you! One way we are reaching out to more members of the food service community is through our new Twitter! Click the link below, follow us! The more people we find the more fun the stories get. So from the bottom of my heart thank you and I can’t wait to read your food service horror stories.

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