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I hate when people are standing in the middle of a pathway/in a doorway/in an outer corner where I am running food/drinks/extra ranch……MOVE bitch. Get out the way. Get out the way fo I run you over with this tray.


One of my buddies last shift was in the weeds, DEEP. He asked me to run his food for a party of 9. I said no problm. Shot over to the kitchen and grabbed the last three plates to finish their dinner drop. Its resturant policy to ask if the table needs anything, soooooo I drop the last plate and as the word come out of my mouth DOOOOO YOOOOOUUUU NEEEEE……..I see this table is a land mine, no silverware, empty drinks, empty bread, no condiments, its empty. I was running around getting these needy bitches odds and ends for an hour. Thanks pal.


I hate when I am running food and i’m holding very hot plates and the family of five has no idea what they ordered as I repeat “BBQ burger” four times. Meanwhile my flesh is burning away. Pretty sure I don’t have fingerprints because of this.