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When I say “sit anywhere you want” ,why pick the one DIRTY table?!! I will never understand that one!



What is it about hot water and it constantly being accompanied by such an intense sense of urgency?! If you see a server pass you by while you are frantically screaming “EXCUSE ME, HOT WATER?”, and they don’t stop, its because they’re busy taking everyone else’s orders that make sense…don’t worry, they’ll get to you when they can.


There is  a dishwasher that would eat food off of the plates when no one was looking…. I was looking….


why even take the time to go to a restaurant if your master plan is to order water (for a party of 6!) and ALL share 1 entree and 1 appetizer???!!!


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When you split a check you officially fall into the category of what we in the service industry call douchetarded. Have fun with that.


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16 types of drunk chicks

Just when you think you’ve heard it all…someone asks “uhhMmm what kind of fish is in the Ahi Sliders?”…..really?!