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Today I witnessed a man digging into his butt crack (inside his pants) for a good five seconds, then immediately reached for the tongs at a salad bar.


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I can’t tell if my arms are getting stronger from working out or carrying dirty plates back to the kitchen….either way I smell like sweat and ranch.

– Tiffany

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I work at a Texas-themed chain steakhouse in Kentucky. I had a customer send a three page letter to my manager accusing me of trying to seduce her husband while I waited on their table. She said I couldn’t keep my eyes off him and I kept touching him when I came to their table. It was such a ridiculous accusation that my managers could not believe it. If the customer had not included my name and an accurate (oddly flattering, WTF?) description of me, they would not have even discussed it with me.

I am not a people person and I am not a touchy-feely person. The incident had to have been 100% imagined on her part. I couldn’t even remember the couple in question. It was so weird and so scary to know that her insecurity and wild imagination could have gotten me fired if my managers didn’t trust that I was my usual frosty, introverted self.