I Only Have $30 and we All Need Food And Desert

Posted: May 8, 2014 in Cheap, Stories
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I work at a national chain restaurant. A woman came in with her three small, unruly children. I greet the table with a smile but before I am able to get anything out of my mouth she says: “I have 30 dollars. That’s all. You need to make sure that the bill isn’t over 30 dollars and we all need to eat and have ice cream.”

Ummm are you kidding me? How the hell is that MY responsibility?! Great, so I am clearly not getting a tip and now I have to do math on top of it. It ended up being one of the most difficult dinner/dessert service of my life (complete with MANY substitutions, send backs, and my manager having to comp due to her dissatisfaction) the bill came to $29.84…AND SHE HAD THE NERVE TO LEAVE THE CHANGE ON THE TABLE.


  1. Margo Blue says:

    This seems untrue, but I totally believe you. Sad that so many people nowadays are entitled and don’t take responsibility for their lives! Unfortunately, this small scene from her life clearly shows that there are bigger issues going on than this.


  2. Sunrie says:

    Then she needs to do it as take-out or realize there are better choices to stretch that money.

  3. Roll with it. She only had thirty dollars to treat the kids.

  4. Amber says:

    Good grief, lady. Go to McDonald’s or something and stretch your dollar better.

  5. One of the main reasons I couldn’t be a waitress….people.

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