Guess Who is in The Walk In!

Posted: May 6, 2014 in Hook Ups, Stories
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OMG! It was almost closing time and there were barely any people in the restaurant. I finished my last table and my side work and go to find my shift lead (our restaurant has a policy that you need to get signed out by a shift lead) I look every-where for this guy…After looking for him for 20 minutes I decided to sign my self out and go to our walk in fridge to grab my leftovers from break. Guess who is in the walk in! My shift lead having sex with the hostess!


  1. Sunrie says:

    Time for someone to get fired or for you to get that money

  2. I hope they had to sanitize the fridge. ;)

  3. Actual quote from a former head chef, “How many times have I told FOH to fuck in dry storage? I don’t need your nasty asses tainting the food in my walk in!

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